About me

My name is Evert Semeijn. I’m a PhD turned entrepreneur based in Amsterdam.

Evert Semeijn, PhD presenting at TRUE Evert Semeijn, PhD presenting at an event at TRUE

As co-founder of Neurofied, neuropsychologist, developer and expert in attention, I set out as mentor, public speaker and trainer to learn others to unlock the potential of the human brain and find ways in which we better can persuade others and ourselves.

Facts & Data

I’m active on the internet for over 20 years; building sites, and constructing and deconstructing software and hardware.


Neurofied The year in which my expertise and knowledge was combined with that of Beirem Ben Barrah and Neurofied was born.


Defend Doctoral Thesis The year in which I defended my doctoral thesis on ADHD in Older Adults at the VU.


Official WooExpert For almost three years Fourleafed was an Official WooExpert dedicated to building rock-solid eCommerce sites powered by WooCommerce.


1st WooCommerce Site What once was Jigoshop became WooCommerce. Not long after that I built my first commercial webshop with it.


Fourleafed Four years after I launched my first WordPress website demand increased with Fourleafed as result.


1st WordPress Site In 2004 I launch my first WordPress website for a client. My first online milestone with WordPress.