Evert Semeijn, PhD
Hey there!
My name is Evert Semeijn.
I'm a PhD turned entrepreneur based in Amsterdam.

As co-founder of Neurofied, neuropsychologist, developer and expert in attention, I set out as mentor, public speaker and trainer to learn others to unlock the potential of the human brain and find ways in which we better can persuade others and ourselves.

Public speaker

  • Emerce Retail '19
  • The Next Web '19
  • WordCamp Nijmegen '19
  • True Legends '18
  • Universiteit Leiden
  • Universiteit Tilburg


  • KLM
  • Recruitee
  • Startup Amsterdam
  • Somnox
  • HelloPrint
  • JobBird

In-house Workshops

  • Adidas — Global CRO team
  • Tele2 — CRO team
  • LABFRESH — Marketing team
  • Aimforthemoon — Community
  • Van Ons — Clients
  • MiniBrew — Company
  • AfterPay — Marketing Team

About Neurofied

Learn about behavioural psychology and neuroscience to grow your business

Growth and marketing are about persuasion. Persuasion is communication. And the key to communication is understanding how we think.

At Neurofied, we add the science of our brain and psychology to the art of marketing. We teach marketers how they can subtly guide behaviour and we support them in the complex cases. 

Your marketers know WHAT to do and HOW to do it. Give them the WHY and enjoy their innovation.

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